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Filling the constat a l'amiable for a minor accident.

Draw a sketch of the accident with rectangles showing the cars at the moment of the accident, a simple plan of the road(s), name the cars A and B, show the front of the cars with a pointed arrow.

Show any traffic lights, humps or road signs nearby.

All the sections of the Agreement Form should be filled in.

Verify all information before filling the agreement form to avoid corrections.

Try to keep a writing board in your car to avoid writing on the surface of your car's body which could be wet and spoil the form.

If the insurance company of the other vehicle calls you, do not accept your responsibility or find a compromise with them. Let your insurance company negotiate on this matter.

If any witness of the accident is present, take their contact information if the other driver does not agree on the reasons having caused the accident.

You do not need to call your insurance company immediately if offices are already closed. You can do so after you reach home, or the next day.

Try to take photographs of the scene as this might be helpful for insurance claims and also to prove your statement on the reasons of the accident.

Note down on a paper or on your phone the insurance name and insurance number of the other vehicle.

The Constat a L'amiable post-accident agreement form does not apply if:

- The are more than 2 vehicles involved in the accident.
- The driver of the other vehicle does not agree on the reasons having caused the accident.
- If one of the drivers or both are or appear to be under the influence of alcohol.
- If any persons is injured or has passed away in the accident.
- If there is damage caused to public or private property. (traffic lights poles, security barriers, pavement, wall, gates, etc...).
- If a government vehicle is involved in the accident.
- Any of the vehicles does not have a valid insurance policy.
- Any of the vehicle drivers does not have a valid driving license.